Nespresso Pods

coffee podsThe Pros And Cons Of Coffee Pods

Coffee pods are more controversial than many people realize with some coffee enthusiasts believing that they bring the death of classic coffee and barista artistry while others love the convenience. If you are considering buying a coffee machine which uses coffee pods, you need to know about the pros and cons of these products. This will help you determine if coffee pods are the right choice for you. carries coffee pods and capsulates that are compatible with Nespresso Machines.

The Benefits Of Coffee Pods

There are many benefits to using coffee pods with the primary one being the time-efficiency. When you use a pod, you will be saving time compared to a regular coffee machine or going to a coffee shop online. Your cup of coffee will generally be ready to go in a few minutes which can save a lot of time in the morning.

Another benefit of pods is that they provide a consistent taste to the coffee. As the coffee has been measured exactly the same for each pod, every cup of coffee that you make will taste the same. This consistency of taste is something that people find difficult to achieve with a regular coffee machine or when they have to grind their own beans. Of course, when looking at the taste, you will need to consider a coffee machine that either accepts a range of pods or come from a manufacturer that you trust for their machine and their coffee.

The last benefit of pods is that they make coffee brewing easy. These pods will offer you a quick drink without having to compromise on the taste. To brew your coffee, all you have to do is fill the water container, insert the pods and press a button.

The Drawbacks Of Coffee Pods

While there are many benefits to coffee pods, there are some problems that you need to know about. The primary one is that some pod varieties are non-recyclable or very difficult to recycle. If you are environmentally conscious, this will be a major problem as you are adding to the land fill with every cup of coffee that you make. Of course, there have been steps taken by manufacturers to overcome this and some coffee machines will have recyclable pods or will recycle the pods themselves.

Different Variation Affects The Taste

Another issue that people have with pods is that they are not the same as a classic espresso or barista made coffee. When you have a regular espresso, there are a number of choices that you can make which affect the taste such as the beans which are used. These choices are not available when using a pod which could limit the overall coffee experience.

The last drawback to pods is that they are not as fresh as they might seem. Pods have pre-ground coffee which is never as good as beans which are ground just before use. There is also the long shelf life of the pods which needs to be taken into account. When you look at this, the pods you are using could be months old which means that the grounds are also months old and they will lose taste over this time.